Finnish Cycling Embassy

The Finnish Cycling Embassy was founded in in March 2015 on the initiative of traffic professor Jorma Mäntynen. The goal is to speed up cycling-friendly decision making in Finland and on the other hand, to promote the export of Finnish cycling know-how abroad.

The Finnish Cycling Embassy is a know-how consortium of the leading experts in promoting cycling.
Goal 1: Promoting cycling-friendly decision making in cities and on State level.
Goal 2: Exporting Finnish knowhow internationally. Emphasis on cycling in winter and winter maintenance (cycling snow-how).

Read more from the Newsletter #1.

On 8th to 10th February 2017 Finnish Cycling Embassy is in V Winter Cylcing Congress in Montreal and it's advocates are keeping several presentations about Finnish cycling snow how during the conference. Check out the program.

Do you want to work with the Finnish Cycling Embassy? Please contact us:

Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities
Matti Hirvonen, Executive Director
+358 40 419 4555, matti.hirvonen(at)

Winter Cycling Federation
Timo Perälä, Chairman
+358 40 706 0415 timo.perala(at)