Poljin 3/2019

Check out the pedal 3/2019 pdf version here . The main thing this time is cycling in the media. Also included are bike-train travel chains, business cycling and the Cycling Year - four cycling seasons!

Editorial: Through fear or joy? Cycling is safe and its health benefits far outweigh the risk factors. This has been known for a long time in the light of statistics and research. The factors that have the greatest impact on cycling safety have long been known, especially by the community of cycling experts. However, the safety or health of cycling is not the overriding image that is communicated to citizens through the media and public debate.

Cycling year - more cycling in all seasons! The cycling season is now the Cycling Year. The cycling year includes four seasons during which bicycle traffic rolls smoothly forward. We also want to get rid of the perception, especially in the media and partly also in the general climate of attitudes, that there is a cycling season that begins in the spring, for example, and ends in the autumn. The Cycling Year is a new communication entity in the Network of Cycling Municipalities that can be used by municipalities, organizations and other communities working to promote cycling to increase cycling in all seasons.

The bike folds for a train ride. In Orivesi, an experiment on folding and electric bikes was launched in the autumn. In Kangasala, residents can also test electric bikes on their own business trip. The aim is to increase cycling and the use of public transport. In the best case, the first or second car will not be bought.

Promoting commuting in Tampere. Hervanta is blowing one coal for more sustainable business trips. More than 30 jobs in the region are involved in improving the ability of their employees to travel more sustainably - on foot, by bike, by public transport, by car or by car. The employer's guiding and encouraging role in changing modes of transport is significant.